Nazila & Arash

“Sofreh Atelier gave us the Sofreh Aghd of our DREAMS!  We couldn’t have been more pleased.  All our guests raved about how beautiful it was.  Thank you ladies for making our ceremony so special!”
Farrah & Majid

“I’m so thankful I found Sofreh Atelier! They were very professional and took the time to go over different ideas, fabrics, colors, etc for my wedding sofreh.  They found the perfect blend of classic and contemporary and I couldnt be happier with the result. I received so many compliments! I highly recommend Sofreh Atelier! Thank you!”

Lorelei & Hooman

“These ladies were an absolute pleasure to work with!  They were willing to come all the way to New York to design our Sofreh.  They were immediately responsive to any of our questions or concerns and catered to any last minute changes.  They were positive, supportive, and relayed a sense of confidence that made us comfortable in dealing with the stress of planning a wedding without ever having met them in person until the day before the wedding day!  The sofreh was beautiful and unique, and was everything we asked for, and more!”

Amie & Arman

“Thank you very much for the beautiful sofreh that you prepared for our aghd ceremony.  The sofreh was breathtaking- every detail was truly perfect!  In addition to your fine work, we genuinely appreciated your time, creativity, attention to detail, and level of commitment throughout our wedding planning process.  It was a true pleasure to work with you both and I would highly recommend Sofreh Atelier to any of my friends or family members.”

Shadi & Saman

“I wanted to thank you for doing a wonderful job on our “sofreh aghd”.  It was the most beautiful sofreh I’ve ever seen.  We received many compliments on the sofreh and of course the credit is all yours. Thanks again. ”

Layla & Amirali

“Sofreh Atelier did a fabulous job of arranging our Sofreh. They complemented their unique taste with traditional touches which made for a beautiful Sofreh that stood out as one of the most memorable features of our wedding. They were a pleasure to work with and were flexible and friendly and made sure we were involved. Their arrangements and choice of colors really made for a unique Sofreh, which had the right balance of class and liveliness! They are highly recommended and we’d be happy to be a reference to anyone considering their services.”