Sofreh Aghd

At Sofreh Atelier, we believe the beauty of your Sofreh Aghd should match the significance of your wedding ceremony.  That is why we are proud to introduce to you our exclusive selection of high-end Sofreh ye Aghd. We work with you to make your dream Sofreh Aghd come true.  We offer:

A complete, full-service Sofreh Aghd for rent with set-up and break down.  Whether your ceremony is intimate or grand, modern or traditional, we offer a variety of packages that fit your specific needs.

Flowers are key for your Sofreh Aghd.  We can either take care of your Sofreh Aghd floral needs or coordinate with your chosen florist.

Sofreh Aghd décor enhancements: A Sofreh Aghd that is framed by a canopy, arch, decorative trees, chandeliers, or other related  décor becomes even that much more dramatic and breathtaking.  Allow us to assist you in choosing and executing such décor which will compliment your already beautiful Sofreh Aghd.

Out of town Sofreh Aghd services including travel costs are available.

We do not offer individual Sofreh Aghd symbols for rent.

For inquiries or to discuss your Sofreh Aghd, call or email us!